60% of companies that lose their data close down within 6 months of the disaster.  72% of business that suffer major data loss disappear within 24 months.

- Source: 2001 Cost Of Downtime Survey Results


The overall overage failure rate of disk and tape drives is 100%.  ALL DRIVES EVENTUALLY FAIL!

Aategra Computer Technology Online Backup and Disaster Recovery is the solution to these startling statistics.

This reasonably priced, all-encompassing solution provides Small to Medium size businesses with near real-time backups that also includes seamless off-site data storage along with multi-year archiving and fast server virtualization capabilities. There are advanced restoration options like file and folder level restorations, with Microsoft Exchange message and mailbox recovery and bare metal restorations to dissimilar hardware. Within minutes, the unique BDR device can also be configured to function as a virtual server if needed. This solution replaces management intensive, error-prone tape backups while providing much more.

Data is securely sent from the local BDR device to high availability, redundant off-site co-location facilities. All aspects of the on-site and off-site solution are monitored 24x7 and backups are tested weekly.  This solution provides your company with the ability to continue to function even after a disastrous event without the need to deploy redundant hardware and software or the need to invest in costly fault tolerant systems.




Features Include:

  • Complete Server Volume Image
  • Exchange Mailbox/Message Recovery
  • Disk to Disk Block Level Backups
  • SQL Server Database/Table Recovery
  • On-Site and Off-Site Solution
  • Backups Frequent as Every 15 Minutes
  • Virtualization of Failed Servers
  • 2:1 Compression of all Stored Data
  • Bare Metal Restores to Dissimilar Hardware
  • 256-bit Secure Storage and Off-Site Transfer
  • 24X7 Monitoring and Management