Are you getting too many spam emails in your inbox each day?

Spam may have been good for Monty Python but it is the bug bear of everyone else.  If you are getting more than 10 spam emails into your inbox each say then you have a problem. It is a problem that does not need to exist.

There are now some extremely sophisticated Spam filters available that catch the spam and any viruses before they have even reached your server.  Implementation is straightforward and they are also very cost effective.

Clients always raise the same concern which is what if it catches some legitimate emails?  The simple answer is that there is no guarantee that this won't happen, however a good system should allow you to easily see what has been quarantined and enable you to simply have it delivered and marked as not spam.

At Ategra Computer Technology we have experience of delivering Spam reduction systems to many different types and sizes of business. Please feel free to call and discuss what options may be available to you.

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