Disaster recovery for professional companies

More and more professional bodies require their members to have good Disaster Recovery and Business continuity plans in place.  However we understand that these are often at the bottom of the list in terms of priority.

Disasters rarely happen and because of this your plans of what to do, when it does happen can surely wait until tomorrow.  We disagree.  As a business that helps people recover from IT disasters we see regularly the chaos and stress that situations like this can cause.

The most frustrating part is that it does not have to be that way.  We have a number of options, depending on your requirements, that will enable your practise to continue functioning whatever happens.  At Ategra Computer Technology we have a very simple procedure that will enable us to measure how vulnerable you are and can then use that to help build your disaster recovery plan in compliance with your regulatory body.  We will make this painless and seamless so that you can concentrate on more pressing matters.

To get you started why not download our quick and easy Professional Disaster Recovery booklet to see how well your business would cope in a disaster situation.