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Because research shows that over 90% of computer infections are caused by your e-mail.

Criminals are constantly changing and finding new methods to trick you, meaning that you must keep your e-mail security up to date in order to block these attacks before any irreparable damage occurs.

Nowadays internet criminals like to use what they refer to as spear phishing.

Spear phishing is a more target-specific, customised, and personal way of getting you to open an email. Rather than the older version where it was just a non-directed email talking about how a Prince in Africa wants to transfer you all his money. Instead criminals tend to create very convincing emails with contextually relevant messages to trick you into clicking a certain link, open an attachment, or replying with their credentials, all which is undetectable using standard email or endpoint security.

These tactful methods are becoming more devious by the day and are sometimes extremely hard to distinguish from an actual valid source. To make things worse those criminals are able to obtain certain information about you through social media platforms (be wary what kind of contact details you put up there).  Which will help their credibility and improves their chances of fooling you into undertaking the proposed action. 

In short, if an e-mail is looking fishy from someone you know then you might want to validate it first.