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The ‘’Tiny’’ Lenovo

 Some say it’s not all about the size but about the motion in the ocean, in this case they are correct especially when it comes to a computer! One from Lenovo in this particular scenario, but don’t let the name fool you for this Tiny PC packs a punch! Now you’re probably wondering ‘’what’s so special about this PC then?’’ And that would be the Plug & Play compatibility, unlike other computers where you buy the desktop/case and a separate monitor this computer can actually be put into a screen! That’s right you just put the Tiny Lenovo M73 into a separate monitor and you are ready to go and use it like any other computer except that your PC is hidden.

You can hardly even tell where the desktop is mounted that’s how easy and tiny it is! But all of this might not even be the best part. Besides being a genuine space saving set-up you also have the option to just take it out of the screen and replace it with an upgraded version a few years from now, or just take it home and attach it to your own screen with the option to even use 2 screens if you’d like.

The Lenovo is available with various specifications and different price ranges starting at $799,- Ex GST., for more information give us a call or send us an email on