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There's a reason why business technology is categorized differently than consumer

technology. For example, nobody in their right mind has a photocopy machine the size of a

Smart Car sitting in the home office.  More is demanded from business technology, which is

why you need a professional partner to assist you with your professional technology!

Business Technology

There's More to Business Technology


This business/consumer distinction is clearly seen when it comes to purchasing new technology. Whereas the mild-mannered consumer will casually browse the isle of their favourite chain store and shoot the breeze with a sales representative, technology shopping for a business owner is much different. It often involves being inundated with catalogues and sales calls from major vendors, and there's much more money on the line. For many business owners, purchasing new technology for their company is a pain point because they're not technology experts. Business owners simply don't have adequate time to research the best buy, therefore, it's common for them to second guess their purchases.

A great example of this is with workstations. Some users may use the term "workstations" and "personal computers" (PC) interchangeably, but technically, workstations are heftier pieces of equipment designed for the heavier workloads of businesses. Workstations come equipped with more memory, more CPU, and more power. Workstations are optimized for networking, whereas home computers typically aren't connected to an intranet. PCs are designed with the casual computer user in mind, and your business deserves something better.  Next time you are in that chain-store, check the equipment under the counter they actually use: it’s always business grade tech and NOT the consumer tech they sell!

This isn't to say that a PC user can't max out their machine and make it more powerful than a workstation. Instead, we're referring to the purchasing of computers. Shopping for a workstation vs. shopping for a PC are two different experiences. A business owner that shops for computers will often buy their workstations in bulk and refresh multiple workstations at a time matching their business plan, which is different than how a consumer buys their PCs, one at a time.

The Need to Plan Your Business Technology Purchases

The advantage of buying business equipment in bulk is that the purchases can be budgeted around. Purchasing new technology works best for businesses when they have a carefully planned IT roadmap. This is where buying new hardware and refreshing old hardware is carefully mapped out. Planning technology purchases allows companies to get the most use out of their equipment, as well as update at key times whenever new solutions are released that provide their business an advantage.

Your Company Can Benefit from a Trusted IT Advisor

Due to so much riding on the purchase of a company's technology, and the time and effort it takes to research all of your technology options, it makes the most sense to outsource these major decisions to a trusted technology advisor, like your fellow Territorian’s at Ategra.

Unless you happen to have a natural knack for technology, your expertise likely lies somewhere else--like... whatever it is you do to make money. You shouldn't have to divert energy from taking ground in your field to peruse the latest IT infrastructure sales catalogues. Ategra is knowledgeable of all the latest business technologies so that you can stay focused on what's important to your business, and we take the time to understand your company's technology needs so that we can equip your business with the right solution.

Your business needs powerful equipment that can handle the ever-increasing workload of your enterprise--not some consumer-grade-off-the-shelf product from a chain store. Call Ategra at 08 8932 7888 to make your technology work for you!

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