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Have you ever you wanted to be able to work on your docs on your tablet or iPhone using your favourite Microsoft apps, well now you can and for no cost...


With tablet computing on the rise and the dearth of tablets running Windows natively most of you have an iPad , iPhone or a mobile device running android which do not have word processors , spreadsheets or powerpoint.


Microsoft have introduced “web apps” of their favourite office products which run directly within your mobile browser. This applies to devices running Windows Phone 7.5 and up/iOS 5.0 and up/Android 4.0 and up)


office win phone

▲ Office for Windows Phones



office android

▲ Office for Android Phones



office iphone

▲ Office for iOS Phones



A personal free version of Office Web Apps can be obtained at which also comes with free disk space.

For business users Office 365 is on offer which gives per user licensing for as low as $6 per month.

office 365



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