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2013 vinnies ceo sleepoutI just signed up to take part in the 2013 Vinnies #CEOSleepout. Help me fundraise at


Imagine running a business where your services are so high in demand that you need to turn away half your customers - every day?

This is the reality for the St Vincent de Paul Society (Vinnies). Half the Australians that request immediate accommodation from the homeless service system are turned away each day because of overwhelming demand.

Around the country 120,000 people are homeless each night and this includes 29,000 children under 18. Single dads and elderly women are sadly emerging as the new faces of homelessness and amongst them;

•   53% of people experiencing homelessness are under 35 years of age,

•   44% are women and,

•   12% are under 12 years of age.*

To help support Vinnies and their invaluable work, I and a large group of CEO's around Australia will participate in the Vinnies CEO Sleepout.  On the 20th of June, it will be a cup of soup for dinner, and a spot on the cold concrete with a piece of cardboard.

We have exactly one month from now to raise funds; for more information or to support Vinnies, please visit my page at

Your donation will go towards services that seek to solve the core issues of homelessness such as life skills, training, access to medical, legal and financial advice and affordable housing.
Thank you.

Michael Parker
Ategra Computer Technology (

2013 vinnies ceo sleepout - michael

I'd personally like to thank all of the wonderful customers, suppliers and employees of Ategra Computer Technology, who have donated so generously to this great cause!

Ategra Computer Technology is dedicated to "Making a Difference" both in our professional services for clients and within the Territory Community.  I'm so proud to have the chance to work with Vinnies in this extremely rewarding and humbling experience I'm excited about being involved in the 2013 Sleepout to see how I can further make a difference for this  worthwhile cause. I would like to thank Vinnies for the important contribution they continue to make to Australian society, and their continued endorsement of this important initiative.

So please give what you can afford, even if its a small amount (anything over $2 is tax deductable) and thanks for supporting Vinnies. They do incredible work and need our support in any way we can.

Kind Regards





Download 2013 Vinnies CEO Sleepout Factsheet

 *(source:  last accessed 20 May 2013)





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